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Video Thumbnails Maker 15.1

Create animated thumbnail sheets of video files in various formats
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Video Thumbnails Maker is specifically intended to create thumbnail sheets and take screenshots of video clips. The tool has a nice multi-language interface, although it seems to me that the Options and the Environment pages are too crammed with parameters and choices. Using tabs instead would be a better way to simplify decision making. Moreover, some of the buttons in the Main windows could be made more explicit. In my opinion, the thumbnail-creating job could be made much easier with the help of a wizard. Fortunately, you can compensate the lack of usability resulting from the above described problems with the tutorial available online.

The application allows adding files and folders in batches. Moreover, the program permits configuring the resulting thumbnail sheet using simple or special matrixes, with multiple layouts to choose from. Luckily, most popular video file types are supported. Likewise, it lets you export the created thumbnails in various formats. In this regard, the tool can create animated thumbnails sheets, a feature that is expanded in this version with the introduction of a new format WebP, in addition to WebM and APNG, which were already supported in previous releases. Finally, the program can use both embedded and system codecs to process the video and it even comes with several engines that render video much faster according to the chart provided, which I could not verify as this feature is available only from the paid edition.

All in all, Video Thumbnails Maker can be considered an invaluable help in cataloguing your home video collection, but most importantly, it helps promote the videos you share online. It produces excellent resuls and I expect that its interface is made easier to use in versions to come.

Pedro Castro
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  • It creates animated thumbnail sheets
  • It supports multiple video file formats
  • It allows processing batches of videos
  • The program can use both system and embedded codecs
  • It can process video very fast


  • Its interface is not as intuitive as it could be
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